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    Default Life is a Highway After Your Midlife Crisis Hair Transplant

    Life is a Highway After Your Midlife Crisis Hair Transplant

    We men can be vain creatures. Around the time we’re turning forty, we find ourselves feeling a bit restless and wanting to revitalise our lives. Just as we get ready to hit the refresh button, we notice a few unsavoury things happening to our bodies. A bit of a paunch out the front, hair growing in places it never did before (nostril whiskers, anyone?) and the odd age spot appearing on the backs of our hands are all par for the course, unfortunately. For some, thinning out on top is a pretty devastating discovery and though it may have been happening for years – albeit very slowly – around our fortieth birthdays, we start to hear alarm bells at high volume. “Time for that Porsche!” you console yourself. Where for women, retail therapy brings solace in the form of a new designer handbag or pair of diamond earrings, we men tend to hear the distant revving of a sexy 911, hoping it will drown out those alarm bells as it comes closer.

    Midlife crisis is a fork in the road

    According to Wikipedia, a midlife crisis is defined as “a transition of identity and self-confidence that can occur in middle aged individuals”. Some people feel depressed or anxious while others feel a compelling urge to do something extreme in their lives to feel refreshed, renewed or newly validated. Forty is a common age for contemplation and for desiring positive change. It’s why a great number of male hair transplants are carried out on men aged around forty, even though their symptoms of male pattern hair loss would have been noticeable for five to ten years by then. Some men may even have noticed balding areas from around age nineteen, but the urgency to remedy the condition seems to become greater upon that momentous fortieth birthday.

    How would you fare if you weighed up the prospect of buying a Porsche or investing in a hair transplant?

    Let’s consider the possibilities.

    Driving a hard bargain

    Everybody knows that the minute you drive a new car off the lot, it loses thousands of dollars in value. Yes, that new Porsche may retain some of its original value but it’s still not going to be the pocket liner for you that it was for the dealership. Your hair transplant, on the other hand, will give you loads of mileage for years and years to come. Hair transplants are not cheap but would you want one if it was? Just as you can imagine yourself sliding into that glamorous driver seat, turning the ignition and hearing the engine purr to glorious life, picture yourself instead at the wheel of a brand new head of spectacular hair. It really is the gift that keeps on giving.

    Every time you comb your locks, you’ll have a beaming smile on your face. And trust me, you will never run a comb through your hair and resent the money you invested in yourself. Besides, even the most expensive hair transplant is never going to break the bank like that 911 in Rhodium Silver Metallic might.

    Steering forwards, not backwards

    While that brand spanking new Porsche may get you the girl, will she stick around once the new car aroma has faded? Not to say women are fickle, but, well, people can be fickle. What I’m really trying to say is you have a better chance of attracting – and keeping – a new partner if you feel good about yourself. If you’re losing your hair and that makes you feel lousy and you can barely stand to look at yourself in the mirror, how are you going to feel when your bald patches are reflected back at you in the rear-view mirror?

    So, what’s it gonna be; balding in a bad-ass car or your bad-ass self in a completely acceptable regular vehicle?

    Your new upholstery refurb

    When what’s up top isn’t taking you where you want to go, it’s time for a hair transplant. Think of it as refurbishing your pride and joy … you! You know from being a car owner all your adult life that nothing feels better than investing some time, effort and money into that cut, polish, wax, shampoo and shine. It’s ironic to think we spend loads of time, effort and money on our cars, but scrimp on ourselves. Why, because it’s cosmetic? I submit to you that a hair transplant delivers far greater bang for buck than only cosmetic benefits. If you had a Porsche convertible and the vinyl top was damaged, you’d simply drive with the top down and stay home when it rained. Of course, you don’t have the luxury of hiding at home just because you can’t bear to be seen with an increasingly sparse head of hair.

    Look off into the distance, a little way down the road. After your hair transplant, you’ll feel so much more confident that you’re likely to steer yourself along a new highway. Your career prospects, relationships, social life and health and wellbeing all stand to benefit and who knows, you might start hearing that hot little Porsche 911 changing down the gears in your direction once again.
    Vist my website : SPEXHAIR and watch and listen to regular segments and interviews on The Bald Truth UK show

    Surgeons I represent:
    Dr. Alan Feller, IAHRS Member
    Dr. William Lindsey, IAHRS Member
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    I am not a Doctor and all my posts are my own personal opinion based on 10 Hair transplants, SMP into my scar and 10 years consulting on and offline. Always consult with your own family doctor prior to embarking on any form of hair loss treatment or surgery.

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