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    The only issue i saw was the pic of your hair when wet your scalp was visible. To me that doesn't look normal and if your barber mentioned then there is probably something there. I still think 18 yo and a 20 lb drop should not be a stress on the body. But I could be wrong. I guess it depends on how long it goes on for so all you can do is monitor i guess. Best of luck with it.

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    Bruh I'm actually in disbelief about how similar your story is to mine (im a brown person too ayy) A few month after I turned 18, I was taking a shower and noticed that I was able to pluck hairs from wherever! I literally have the same hair cut as you but the top is longer (I get an 2 all around with undercut). As you can tell, I'm very concious about my hair so I had to visit a derm and they told me the same, "don't worry it looks like TE". So I waited the time limit for TE which was like 3-6 months but nothing got better just worse. I went to another derm who said my thyroid was low when she saw my t3 levels so I visited a endocrinologist and the doctor said that my results didn't show any problems in my thyroid that would indicate hairloss. I was actually kind of fkn mad when I heard that bc I'm aware that thyroid hair loss is reversible. I'm 19 now and I have diffuse thinning still and hair loss from all over. Idk how to describe it but my hair just feels so dull weak and lifeless now. It used to licuous literally a year from now. I wnna say it's MPB but my dad barely started receding a bit and his crown is lookin better than mine lowkey. Also, my derm even said that MPB doesn't advance this fast as my hair took a serious toll in less than a fkn year. My hair doesn't look all that bad when it's dry but when it gets oily or when I come out the shower, it looks like shit bc my scalp is visible. At this point I'm beggining to think it's related to CTE or something internally even though my blood tests say I'm doing fine. Might start taking vitamins, biotin, get proper sleep and drink more water to see if that helps (doubt it). My eyebrows started getting affected too for some reason somewhere down the road. I can't even tell if I'm receding bc I have a natural wide type of U hair line but the way it looks rn could be better than it looks bc I'm missing hair everywhere (places where MPB generally doesn't strike)

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    Do you smoke marijuana? This could be causing you to be loosing your hair. This in conjunction with excess amounts of caffeine can be causing your hair to thin. It did for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Contradictedsoul View Post
    How do you tell the difference?

    Does diffuse thinning mean diffuse pattern alopecia?

    How do you tell the difference between DPA/Diffuse Thinning and Telogen Effluvium?

    I suspect I have telogen effluvium due to not only joining a wrestling team and going through training that helped me lose more than 20 pounds but I did it without any proper diet as well, which is why I feel like my hair loss is telogen effluvium. Although after seeing pictures of DPA and Telogen effluvium, they look the same. So how do you differentiate?
    Are you a recreational user of Marijuana? This caused my hair to thin as well as excess amounts of caffeine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JOzzy2010 View Post
    Are you a recreational user of Marijuana? This caused my hair to thin as well as excess amounts of caffeine.
    I don't smoke but I do drink coffee....

    Like everyday..., and also did when I worked out.....
    My hairloss has like halted, it hasn't progressed more than what's shown in this thread, and that's seriously confusing me.

    I thought telogen effluvium is meant to recover after a few months but it's almost been more than a year and it's yet to recover.
    I dunno.

    I read up on it and it's stated that it recovers on it's own after a haircycle or two, aka often times more than a year, so, like, I'm being patient ig

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    Coffee should NOT have an effect on TE. The best thing is to watch it, and also make sure you reduce stress.

    Good luck, let us know.

    P.S. Nice beard!

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