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    Default 27yo, it's time to do something

    Hello everyone, My name is Mykk. Over the last several years I've really let myself go, I progressively gained weight and just wasn't working on my self image. Looking clean and presentable was important to me, but I just convinced myself to just let things take their natural course.

    This year I've finally decided to do something for myself about my image. It's started with weight loss, in January this year I weighed 230lbs (6'1" tall) and today I just weighed in at 183lbs, I've still got another 15lbs or so to go before I could be happy with my weight appearance. Now it's time to start addressing my hair loss, I've yet to talk to a doctor about my hair loss but it's definitely on my immediate to-do list. I just wanted to research for myself the different options available out there in todays world. My problem areas are temples, frontal & crown.

    pics are from before weight loss:

    Cheers ~Mykk

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    Welcome to the forum Mykk. Congratulations on the weight loss! This is by far the best forum to do your research and to meet some great people who share the same problem. You should see a doctor about your hair loss as soon as you have a chance. You still have a good amount of hair and you want to attempt to keep what you have using medication. Propecia is your best bet. You might even see some regorwth, but at the very least you want to stop things from getting worse.

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    Hi and welcome

    I am not expert in this field but from my personal knowledge gained I recommend talking to your doctor(if he is well informed...) about the following treatments:

    Finasteride(propecia)1mg (Pill)
    Nizoral 2%(ketoconazole 2%) (Shampoo)
    Minoxidil (Topical)

    Finasteride and Nizoral is easy-game...very very easy to use. Finasteride stops DHT from forming and going to war with your follicles while ketoconazole cleans the scalp thoroughly and helps a lot with inflammation associated with baldness. It creates a better environment for the growth of new hair. Keto blocks the synthesis of DHT in the scalp.

    You can't go wrong with those two. Chances are good you see some regrowth after a year or so. It generally takes both of those a full year to show any significant benefit. You might see some benefit after a few months. I leave my ketoconazole shampoo in my hair for up to 40 minutes sometimes. But I know Nizoral recommends to leave in for 3-5 minutes. Some users leave it in longer, you might want to look into that. I am not sure about nizoral. I use another product. Ketoconazole shampoo has been shown to increase the diameter of the hair shaft after months of use. It also reduces sebum production by 6.5% over a long period of time.

    If you want to have some regrowth then you definitely should add minoxidil to your regimen. I suggest starting with 5%, no higher. See if you can manage to have some regrowth with it. The problem with minoxidil is it can be quite a task to get into the habit of applying it once or twice daily, whichever you have time for and prefer(twice is much more effective).

    The things I just mentioned are the ones you want to try first, and to see what works for you. Those 3 are definitely a must if you care about your hair. Most people would agree. Just be sure to speak with a doctor and be VERY well informed about the side effects of those treatments. I do think propecia side effects have been over hyped to a great extend...but it is still better to be safe and be informed.

    I personally am trying the following treatments as well because I am very frustrated with my own hair loss and want to maximize my results.

    Most important proven treatments are:
    Ketoconazole 2% shampoo

    Something extra I myself am trying:

    Spironolactone lotion 5% - An anti-androgen and DHT inhibitor. Converts localized testosterone into estrogen which protects the follicles.
    MSN and Biotin supplements - Speeds up the hair growth so a small follicle can reach it's full potential. Increase hair quality also.

    Stuff I already bought or going to try soon:

    Derma Roller 1mm - This can help with the absorption of minoxidil. It also increases collagen to a great extent and rushes growth factors to the area used. The directions for use on this is somewhat tough and you should be well educated.

    Copper Peptides - There is some evidence that this can help strengthen and enlarge existing follicles although I am not that well informed about this product. But from what I read it sounds very promising if added to a good regimen.

    This is just some things I have used and will use. They are things I truly believe in. This is my opinion. I am no expert at all but I truly believe in these products.

    Good luck man I hope I was somewhat helpful.

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