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    Default adding a poly-edge to a full lace cap?

    is it possible (and realistic) to add a thinskin edge around the perimeter to a full lace system? Is there a certain product I can use for this effort?

    I want to achieve:

    1. the tape (currently blue liner tape along the perimeter) being better protected from showering, so it wouldn't break down so quickly. In my cases, after 6 times of showering the famous blue liner tape (stuck directly underneath the lace) becomes very gooey. So with poly edge, maybe the are longer wearing-times possible

    2. also protect the hair in the respected taped areas from becoming full of glue when the tape is breaking down there. I suppose clean-up could be easier then.

    => Alternatively, can anyone show me the ULTIMATE way to get rid of any glue residue? (on the lace and IN THE HAIR). I tried alcohol, oils... mirrow slide... and shampooing A LOT, but since I've been wearing 7 days in a row, the residue cumulates from one attachment to another, no way to get rid of it. Really not a nice sight

    3. especially in the nape area (I wear a full cap) there is IMMENSE shedding (of the hairpiece) where the tape was. From attachment to attachment these areas become more and more itchy (more than in areas where the tape is covered by hair). I also guess, a PU layer between tape and lace/knots could prevent from this effect of shedding?

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    Thinskin edge.......

    We had an extensive discussion previously about your issues....

    Included was the following link.....

    Did you read the section about cleanup.....posted 11-11-2016 @ 3:24pm?
    It stated:
    "... I detach (every 4 to 6 weeks) with 99% alcohol, remove adhesive with GooGone which I spray on. I then place the hp in a plastic bag for 1 to 2 hours which dissolves at least 98% of any adhesive on the hp. Any remaining adhesive is easily removed by sliding the underside of the hp across glossy magazine stock. As a side note......For the last 3 months I have been testing Autoglym. I want to compare it to GooGone. No final conclusions yet. But, so far I give a very slight edge to Autoglym. Autoglym is 3X as expensive as Googone however and has to be shipped to the US from England. I have not found a US supplier. After removal of all remaining adhesive I then use a kettle filled with hot water and lots of Tresemme shampoo into which I place the hp. I let it soak for at least one hour. One it has been rinsed and dried it is ready for any necessary ventilation and/or repair."

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    I'm glad someone posted about this. I want to extend the length of my unit by an inch or so and am wondering if I can do it from the rear portion by adding another inch of poly material in the back with hair added to the new poly. If all of this is feasable..

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