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    Use the website: www.iahrs.com to find a doctor recommended by Spencer Kobren the founder of the American Hair Loss Association.(don't confuse it with ishrs.com, that is different). Hair transplantation should not be done with a doctor not on that list. It is a procedure that requires a lot of skill. Any doctor can claim to do it but as you can see only a few doctors that are screened are on the list. Only some do the surgery with high standards.

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    Thank you for that site!! All the locations for IL are super close to me!

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    The best place to start is www.iahrs.org or you can find a list on IAHRS members on this site. Youíll probably want to find a hair transplant surgeon who specialized in FUE since you have such a small spot to be treated.
    Iím glad you found this community to do your research. Good luck!

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    Whether transplanted hair will grow depends on the cause of bald patch. The success of any hair restoration procedure depends on the donor and recipient site influence. If the recipient side adversely influences the grafts, then you would not get growth. If the recipient site has no influence, then donor dominance will allow the grafts to grow. It sounds like you may have something called "triangular alopecia", which is luckily responsive to transplants.

    It would definitely be a good idea, as others have mentioned, to consult with an IAHRS physician in your area. Good luck with whatever you decide to do- you're a beautiful girl no matter what!

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