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    Default Accepting Balding & Balding Tips

    If you are currently going through hair loss,thinning,balding consider reading my experience.

    The first thing you need to do is accept it, i will never forget my first visit to the dermotalogist years ago when my hair started thinning bad (crown area,front of head and my sides having patchy non growing areas). She took a magnifer and looked at my head for 3 seconds to then say "yep male pattern baldness". I did not plan on putting out lots of money for surgery and i did not consider any prescription drugs due to the potential side effects. I used rogain for a while but i did not notice any significant growth. So for a few years i hung onto whatever hair i had getting weekly haircuts that made me feel better about it until my barber said "what the hell are you doing, shave it !" I was nervous to pull the trigger until i took a mirror and saw what my head looked like from behind. I thought it looked horrible when i saw the bald crown area and hair around it (the horse shoe shape) so i told him to shave it as short as possible so it all looks the same. It was hard to adjust to and looked awkward because my head skin color was very white. I have to admit it did feel liberating after so many years of contemplating on shaving it. From there i tanned my head and also hit the gym to put on some size because having a ghost white head and being skinny with a bald head is not a good look. It could actually look like you are sick from illness that way. At times i grew my beard and had it shaped nicely which i felt took some attention away from my shiny head. I eventually moved to a razor (shick extreme 3) and shaved it daily then back to a buzzer #0. I personally think keeping it short,shaved/buzzed to match the bald areas is a much better look then hanging on to hair that is very thin,balding, or patchy. Although for some people it may work and also depends on what your hair situation is, if its not that bad then you may not need to shave/buzz it so short.

    Learn to show confidence in your balding, make light of it and own it. Friends and family may make jokes about it without knowing how it may bother you but don't show it. Laugh it off and tell them its easier the having hair and you don't have to pay for hair cuts. In reality i find keeping a freshly shaved/buzzed head more maintenance then having hair because you have to constantly be shaving/buzzing it down to keep the even appearance. Before i knew it I was getting compliments from friends and family. I had already been in a relationship before my thinning/balding fully started and she is still with me till today. If a girl wont be with you because you don't have a full head of hair then i don't think she is worth being with. If you meet a girl maybe wear a hat here and there in the beginning but i rather show her who i am from the gecko, thats up to you. Their are many great bald men in the world and its not a uncommon thing, in fact i believe its more accepted now then ever.

    Don't be depressed their are far more things to worry about in life then your hair, for example your health! The older i grew i realized that health is most important. Money, hair, cars, women etc are all secondary to your health because without it you cannot enjoy any of those. Think of someone who is stuck on a hospital bed for years watching everyone else live their life due to some disease or illness. Or someone who cannot physically move without assistance or medication. To me that is a far worse life then dealing with baldness. Don't be to hard on yourself. Be grateful that your are living and breathing daily because things could be worse. If you have to start slow by wearing a hat in public to eventually taking it off here and there to get comfortable then do it. Good luck !

    Some of my tips :

    -Keep your hair buzzed to a 0 or skin daily to match your bald areas. This way looks much cleaner and balding areas are less noticeable.

    -Tan you're head/face if skin is very white, gives a nice healthy look to bald heads.

    -Workout build size,muscle if skinny and bald

    -Hats are a bald mans best friend, have fun collecting and wearing. Especially on days you didn't shave/buzz.

    -Baby powder to take away oily, shiny head. Don't use to much or it will look white.

    -Grow a beard and keep it lined up sharp - distracts from your head and gives some color to your face and head that is all skin.

    -Try glasses, some frames look well on bald guys.

    -Accept your baldness and show confidence towards it. Make light of it when someone makes jokes. Tell them its cheaper then haircuts !

    -Remember things can always be worse - as long as you are healthy !

    -Shick Extreme 3 razor if shaving with razor (blade flexes to head shape)

    -Wahl Professional Rechargeable 5-Star Shaver Shaper (gets the closest over anything i have used)

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    These are good tips. A lot of people don't realize that they can pull off a lot of looks (bald or otherwise) simply by being confident! If you have positive energy and feel good about yourself, people will want to be around you. And if you don't feel confident shaving your head, fake it til you make it and find some things that'll get you feeling better about it.
    I am a representative for Dr. Sean Behnam in Los Angeles, CA.
    My opinions are my own.

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    To anyone reading this post, listen to SmokeEater I think the advice he gives is spot on. I could not say it better.

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    These are all good tips, but I will add something. You don't HAVE to buzz or shave your head. Acceptance means I accept that this is the amount of hair I have on my head, and FTW if people think that I need to DO something about it!

    I have been growing out my NW6 ring of hair for six months now. I had been shaving my head for 24 years, started with a full head of hair, even! My bio hair is soft, and a bit curly (was straight when I was younger), and guys like to play with it.

    I am kinda used to it, and now it's 0 maintenance.

    I also make jokes about it all the time, and people laugh along with me.

    Nothing against the guys who want to do something to save or replace it, but some of them are making themselves sick over it. That, is too bad.

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