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    Default Hair transplant questions

    Hello, I was watching an infomercial for hair club for men and htey described this one non surgical procedure that makes it look like your hair is thicker...i forget what its called, does anyone know what im talking about? If you do, has anyone tried it? What does hte procedure entail?

    Also, regarding hair transplant procedures, do you HAVE to take propecia or some other type of drug to make the transplant stay successful? Can the hair grow out and stay there w/o taking a supplemental drug? I'm on propecia right now and although its working im really considering stopping it because im starting to get some side fx from it.

    If any of these questions are answered on another FAQ or thread, could someone kindly show me the links? Thanks in advance.

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    as far as hair transplants, it's a good idea to keep taking the medicine to maintain the hair you haven't lost. although the transplanted hair should be permanent, sometimes it is susceptible to thinning if taken from a non permanent area. it to would benefit from taking the medicine.

    i can't speak to the hair club deal, but i haven't heard good things about them.

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    oh really, what kind of things have you heard about them? are there any posts on here related to people's experiences with them?

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    The Hair Club does not have a very good reputation. Their non surgical “process” is gluing a wig on your head and none of their hair transplant doctors are on the IAHRS which means they are not on top of their game. Keep reading the forum, you’ll learn what you need to know.

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