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    Default Need help on hair transplant options (pictures attached)

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    Hi, I'm a guy in his 30's with a receding hair line at the front and a big bald patch on my crown. I've been using minoxidil and Fin for about 7 years now and ive had great success on hanging on to what hair I had, but I feel that over the past 2 years it has started to shed a little and the bald patch just gets bigger.

    I'm thinking about getting a FUE hair transplant to fill in all the hair at the crown where my big bald patch is, and towards the front. I'm not really interested in getting the perfect hair line and filling in the very front area because it doesn't bother me as much as the crown balding. Plus I also figure it's better to have density and thickness on the top rather than have a perfect hair line but with lots of space between the hairs... which would look quite fake.

    Obviously my options are to go to Turkey and do a cheap job or get it done for much more expensive in the UK. Money is an issue as im not rich, so I would really appreciate peoples opinions on this forum, Help me out if you can, let me know your thoughts. I'll answer any questions. Should I risk it with a Turkey surgery or spend the big bucks on a proper doctor....or should I not get a HT Thanks!

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