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    Default Is it normal to have some exlamation mark hairs?

    If i fizzle my hand in my hair some times maybe 1-2 hair strands fall out. If i look closely I see they are exclamation mark hairs. Is this normal to have some "!" hairs? Never have I seen hair fell out that is of normal type. And I rarely lose hair when I shower etc. But the type of hair I see when shedding some is "!" hairs.


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    Hi eightbald. I'm not sure what you mean. Can you describe exactly what you mean by "exclamation mark hairs"?
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    i understand eightbald But it is normal so no need to worry

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    I can't picture out what you mean for "!" hair. maybe you could post a picture of it.

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    Op what shampoo have you been using? It might be damaging your hair, any other chemicals you may be putting in your hair as well might be too harsh. Have you recently changed brands? Also a picture would really help.

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    Can you provide a clear description of "!" hairs? only then you will get the right suggestion. Otherwise, your "!" hairs will leave a mark of "!" on others' minds.

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