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    Default Experiences with Contactskin / Total Cover Plus?

    Hey guys,

    I'm considering trying out Total Cover Plus (who uses Contactskin), but I have a few questions, as I've never tried a hair system before.

    They state that you can wear it up to 7 weeks (and sometimes even longer), but as I do a lot of sports, I was thinking to rebond it every month or so.

    How long would a hair system last? I've read several different opinions, but Total Cover says up to 16 weeks. In that case I was thinking of getting a new piece every 16 weeks and getting it styled by a professional.

    If I were to go with their pay-to-go option, it comes down to about €350 per piece and about €1000 a year, which is not too bad imo.

    I know I can probably buy a custom made piece online somewhere that is way cheaper, but I have absolutely no idea where to start, if the quality is the same and what to do.

    What do you guys think?

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    There is nothing new about what they offer, but if you want someone else to handle it and you just turn up then its a solution.

    We all have to start somewhere and I dont know any TCP customers that have been long standing.

    The drawbacks from what I have read are:

    1) Their systems look heavy on density and wiggy

    2) Keeping a system on your hair for longer than 2-weeks will smell

    3) They seem to recommend 6 to 8 weeks for attachments which they do. They is way too long in my experience. After 2 to 3 weeks the bond is breaking down and becomes uncomfortable.

    4) Its a lot of hassle to visit them every time you need a reattachment, plus emergency visits for touch ups.

    5) Customers have a low independence status as its all taken care of for them.

    6) Cost is high. I pay about £350 per year for everything.

    7) This skin system is standard and any supplier can get it, but Lace is better in my opinion for ventilation and sweat and a natural look.

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    Had Total Cover Plus system for last month. Mine is partial.

    Look is brilliant. Totally matches my hair colour. No one including close friends has been able to tell (I have NWS 3 but it was not always obvious to people before).

    Maintenance is tricky. I find the glue doesn't stick well for me. I get lifts almost every day. Have tried blue & red tape (nightmare - hair stuck to it really quickly, difficult to place on head though red tape made it easy to remove from system).

    The company does seem very transparent and I did like that the hair was more ethically sourced.

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    Question TCP Question

    Hi guys,

    Was reading through this thread because I’m thinking of getting a TCP system as well.

    First of all, tuna123, did you go through with it? How are your results/feelings about your system?

    And postadrian, you that already have this now, still happy? What about the bond? I work out a lot as well and am kind of a heavy “head sweater” lol. Do you think that I can re-bond the hairline myself if it comes loose? I also travel all the time for work so that would be something I need to be able to do myself.

    What I also find is that the videos and pictures have too much density and I’ve read on their website that they also have “gradual” options with less denistiy, any experience with that? As they have “standard” systems right?

    Thank you very much in advance guys! It’s great that we’re helping each other out

    All the best! E.

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    TCP is ok as a starter but there are better and cheaper ways depending on how confident you are.

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    Many thanks for the reply!
    Have a meeting with them next week so hope that I will be sure enough to take the step. Cheers! E

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