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    This really rare! I have seen many older women in this situations but young people like you are very first time. I have urged you to consult with a doctor immediately. It seems to me as genetical. Before it's too late you should take proper steps to recover your hair. Don't try things by the recommendations of general people. You have a serious issue so don't experiment anything. It can be more serious and you will become full blad. So my suggestions will be consulting a hair expert or doc in no time.

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    Feel really sorry for you. It could be a hormonal issue. I will suggest you consult with a trichologist. The expert will help with the best manner. If you could manage good solutions please keep up to date. Thanks and wish you good luck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kobefan234 View Post
    older sister who is 24 years old has the same problem with the crown balding and diffuse thinning five nights at freddy's. younger sisters aged 19 & 13 have no problems yet.....
    My sister is in a similar situation, her hair has been thinning since she was early twenties. When we were kids she had really thick, shiny, healthy hair. Then her hair started to thin when she was in an abusive relationship, so I can't help but think the hair loss is stress related in her case. It's been 2 years since they broke up and her hair still hasn't recovered. So heartbreaking Good luck to you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by deProcrastinator View Post
    Hi Kobefan,

    Like many people in the thread have suggested, have you seen a dermatologist yet? While a lot of us have the auto-immune FPB, many times the hair loss is due to
    1. Thyroid problems
    2. Hormonal imbalance
    3. PCOS pretty much an after effect of the previous
    4. Iron or Zinc deficiency.

    I would recommend you get a thorough blood test following an appointment with a trichologist or dermatologist. They would recommend it anyway.
    If you have already done that can you please update us on your condition now?
    We are all in the same boat.
    Don't be afraid to visit a doctor. My friend had the same problem at her 30, it was thyroid stuff in her case.

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