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    Default AMAZING results with Saw Palmetto after the 4th & 5th week...

    ...but now I'm experiencing shedding the past month, more so in the past few weeks. Which puts me at exactly the 3 1/2 month mark being on Saw Palmetto.

    I'm 53yrs old, with a hand full of HTs over a course of 20yrs. Enjoying a balanced diet and being very active, has given me a clean bill of health each year I get tested. I'm currently not on any medications. Back in 2012 was my last HT. The job done was not as good as I hoped for, giving my center front area a very mild case of necrosis(not sure if that's the right term for it). Some tiny parts are still numb. So hair is not as full as the two 'frontal area' sides. Which I might add, is my only concern. In 2013, over a year later, I took Propecia for a month, with Zero change. So I stopped. I kinda want to keep junior working. Shortly after I tried Minoxidil. For the first two weeks of use, I started to shed profusely. Got scared so I stopped. At the time, I didn't want my hair cycles to be all jacked up, by experiencing lengths of time with much less hair, in the hopes of it returning. I've also tried different shampoos, multivitamins, higher natural PH water(figi), different biotin products, with no change. Saw Palmetto has been in the back of my mind for a long time, but never thought of actually trying.
    As of Feb this year, I took the plunge. What helped was reading about two types of DHT. One the Propecia targets, the other Saw Palmetto targets. At this point, a little optimism, and hope, that maybe more of the other DHT was my issue. Which is why I'm thinking Propecia didn't work. But I want junior alive and kicking, so no more Propecia anyway.

    So I Bought Life Extension softgels with 85% fatty acids and beta-sitosterol(320mg daily), and a biotin mixture. I read somewhere that I should start seeing hair regrowth after the fourth and fifth week. As I inspect my hair every day in the hopes to see grass grow, the first week, nada, 2nd week, very little, 3rd week, a little more. But by the 4th week, I had to do a double take. I saw a noticeable amount of regrowth. By the 5th week, I didn't even need a hat, or style my hair a certain way. If I were to guess, I would say I had 15-20% more hair in my 'frontal area'. Let just say I was shocked. This sht was actually working.
    Which brings me to today, and why I'm here posing this question to the forum.

    Is it possible that this shedding is normal for my specific makeup? Are the hairs really being forced out early, cutting their cycle short, in order to make way for the new regrowth?

    Taking Saw Palmetto is the Only change I've introduced into my life the beginning of Feb. I have no other recent changes mentally or physically that would make me think something other than Saw Palmetto was causing the shedding. Thankfully Junior is still surviving. Absolutely no other noticeable side effects I'm experiencing. All I know is, Saw Palmetto worked...just not sure if it's still working.

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