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    Cool The buzz cut


    As I mentioned in a previous post, I went through with an ARTAS hair transplant.
    BUT, this post is to tell you how I feel about my buzzed head.

    It feels soo freeing. Yes, it did accentuate the areas which were thinning/balding, but once it was all buzzed off and got some color, it honestly looks pretty good. I will point out I'm in fair shape and have some facial hair to balance it out, I believe those are key factors.

    Just saying, if your hair is ruining your life and it's all you think about, cutting it off is pretty damn freeing. Everyone in my office is already used to it after three days.

    Also, I'm not saying bald, just buzzed, I'm not sure what I'd look like completely bladed down but it probably wouldn't be much different, just more shine.

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    Good for you.

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    Someone salty? Jeez...

    Just trying to give my opinion on it for anyone who's considering. It was the first time my hair has even been buzzed off.

    Sorry to waste your time, sir.

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    It isn't as bad as we think
    And yes it's liberating. Never have to think about how it looks ,
    Congrats !!

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    I wish if i could do the same

    I had Fue 3500 2 years ago and never feel ok with it

    I want to buzz cut it but i m so anxious about the hairline and the cobblstonned skin and i do not know the situation in donor area also

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    Good on ya!

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