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    Default incredible hair loss within 2 years, help?

    Hey, Im 24 yo and ive been "balding" since I was 20 but it wasnt noticeable as it is now..

    What I did back in 2014 was, I started using Minoxidil 5% 2 times per day for like a year and stopped as I was just not seeing any regrowth and it was also due to lazyness.
    I havent used anything from mid 2015 to 2017 where I started again (january) with minoxidil 5% once evry day and Nizoral 1% 2 times per week and taking vitamins that contains biotin,zinc etc..
    Im thinking about adding Finasteride which ive never tried before but i'd like to use it topically as I have issues to swallow pills... yeah as dumb as that and i just cant open the capsule like I do with the vitamins.
    I see a lot of people having success with Rogaine foam and If i had to apply a topical finas idk how I would do it if i were to use rogaine... I'd need to use something that contains minoxidil+finas but I dont know which brand i should be using... I plan on dermarolling every day slig***ly right before applyign minoxidil, would that be bad if i had to apply topical finas every day with dermarolling?

    I have lost a lot of hair since the end of 2015 and I doubt stopping minoxidil caused this as before trying minoxidil I wasnt that bad.. its not like I lost "gains"..

    I'm just desperated... I'm already thinking on a hair transplant even though i've only been using minoxidil again for like 4 months but I dont see any regrowth..
    I have to say as well that I did have many weight loss changes and I read it could cause hair loss but you'd get the hair back within 3-6 months which isnt the case.... I was told and I read that when people loses the hair that fast it also can be recovered...

    Can you guys please tell me a decent minoxidil + topical finas and beside dermarolling what else should I add? I think I can get my receding hairlines back as I wasnt like this 1 year ago... and since it's not that long I heard I could get it back...

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    What it means... is that you are going bald, and that the treatments you were using were, obviously, not working. There is no on here who can promise you that you will get your hair back, if they are, they are lying.

    There may be other treatments that you can try. HTs almost ALWAYS look fake, up close (they scar). You could go the rug route, at least you would get full coverage.

    With pills, it's best you get the advice of a doctor.

    Of course, the other option is just to say "**** it", and ignore it, or even shave it!

    Best of luck.

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