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    Default *read me please* 26 yr old in dire need of advice

    Hey Guys,

    Been slowing receding on the corners since I was 19. I'm currently on minoxidil and RU58441 (for the last month). Check out my pictures and let me know what your opinions are. FUE or FUT? After trying the bald look as you can see, it really isn't for me. And just so you guys, I'm so much more at peace with hair loss now! I tell you, as some of you know first hand, losing hair no matter how little, at 19 is not a fun ride. But yeah, over the years I've learned to accept it but I still would like to improve my condition if the reward out weighs the risk.

    I also use toppik btw to conceal the frontal loss and I have to say it looks good! It amazes me how such a small amount of hair fibers can drastically change my apearance. It's really unbelievable and just a testament to how frontal hair loss can really F**K up the framing of your face. Only bad thing about toppik is that it can easily be brushed off with one swipe of the finger lol. But I was thinking 700-1000 grafts places properly in combination with toppik would do me wonders!

    How do you guys recommend I start the research process? What should I look for?
    I know some say to try finasteride for a year to see if hair loss can be halted, but I'd like to to stick with RU for a year and see how it goes. I have soo sooo many questions...should I stick with FUT or FUE or use in combination if so in what order should start? Shock loss? Is that something I should worry about if I get a HT "too early" if such a thing actually exists. I've been researching IAHRS surgeons and emailing them.

    I emailed Dr. Rassman (i think that's his name in LA) when I was 21 and he seemed way way to eager to prescribe me finasteride. He just seemed to suspicious in my opinion. I emailed Dr. Umar as well who flat out said I was too young for a HT at that time and to wait til I was 30+. So yeah but overall I just feel like I'm on the fence about this and would like to gather as much information as possible before before deciding YAY or Nay.

    One last note, judging from my family history my father lost his hair very very slowly (he is a norwood 4 at 62). I believe to have followed the same pattern if that is the case I don't see the point in waiting til it gets "bad enough" to need a HT. But on the other hand I do understand when surgeons say they need to be able to predict the pattern before doing anything.
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