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    Default Can flaky scalp cause hair loss?

    I've been going through hair loss for a while. I've been told it's hormonal, but lately I've been thinking there might be another problem- When I run my fingers brought my scalp to massage it (with oils) at night, hairs often part with my scalp. They have a flaky piece of the scalp root or something attached. Is the dandruff making my hair unable to grow properly and his fall out easily? Or is it just a side effect of a bigger cause?

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    Yes definitely you need to get that checked out. Sometimes it's fungal so ketocanozole 2% will clear that up (obviously if you have no allergies to it!) not sure where you are based as appreciate I am in UK so easier access to doctors (who are pretty pants at dermo) I usually self manage with pharmacist and own research. In U.K. Ketaconazole unbranded and less than 10 pounds. Use alternative days first week then twice weekly for maintenance. Hope that helps :-)

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