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    Default [ Theory ] DHT is not the main cause of balding

    found this interesting post on youtube.

    "I have found is that ALL the best hair loss formulas and natural remedies are ANTI FUNGAL. I have also found that of the over 14000 known fungi that have been hypothisized to live on the skin. We only know how to deal with 400 or so of them. Genetics literally only tells the body which proteins to create so the theory of inherited baldness is total bs. What seems to be happening is that some people have a scalp environment that is perfect for fungi to grow on. The different 'shapes' of hairloss seem to be different kinds of fungi which like different types of heat patterns on the scalp."

    it's interesting, for example the receeding hairline looks like something is eating your hair line by line while it grows, and the crown hair loss looks like a typical fungal growth pattern

    DHT is just a part of a chain reaction that permit some kind of parasite/fungi to compete for hair ressources and miniaturise the follicle.

    if you block it, you block the chain reaction and make it harder for the fungi to thrive.

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    the ****?

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    There are many common factors which might cause baldness especially in men. The DHT theory is not the main reason of balding because some factors like age and genetics explain on this article also play important role in baldness. There are many treatments used for new hair growth which might be less expensive.

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