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    Please check out our website for more information, as we offer a different type of treatment to correct thinning! You DONíT need to shave your hair in order to be considered a candidate!!
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    The pigment deposits perfectly replicate hair follicles and create an immediate appearance of a full head of hair.
    We perform this treatment on any individual with thinning hair or that is experiencing balding. With each treatment, your hair density can appear 10 times thicker!!

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    I need to contact you - I too suspect this. Run your finger down your belly - as it goes past a certain point you may feel a change in sensation - for me this appeared a few weeks after using Minoxidil. I believe it can have an affect on the body and perhaps via changing the nervous system (maybe loosening surrounding arteries and restricting them or directly interacting with the nerves themselves?). This for me has been dramatic, but getting better - slowly. It has not only produced a lower libido, etc but I also couldn't eat for a week or two after the numbness began, my stomach seemed to turn off! Minoxidil is a very strange substance - it obviously works well for some - yet wreaks havoc for others. I have also experienced these 'Minoxo-shills' who will fight for the death to defend it - simply NEVER respond to them, they won't have any advice regardless. Remember - no response for them in any form please!

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