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    film "The best decision I've made in my life" Says This Dr Umar Patient - 6500 BHT Grafts

    BEFORE: This patientís story of hair loss (NW6) began relatively early in life at 18. Over several years he underwent several strip and FUE surgeries that attempted to utilize only head donor for his vast baldness. The result is a very depleted head donor supply, significant baldness, unnatural hair pattern, strip-FUE scars, and a feeling of depression and loss of hope. Until he saw Dr Umar.

    THE PROCEDURE: The patient had limited head donor hair to spare, Dr Umar, performed advanced FUE Hair Transplant Repair utilizing body, beard nape and head donor hair which were extracted using the DrUGraft Revolution device coupled with the DrUPunch Rotor.

    Graft Breakdown:
    • Beard: 3150
    • Head: 1550
    • Nape: 1300
    • Chest 500


    The patient, needless to say, is very happy with his result from Dr Umar, and he states for the record:

    ďIt was honestly the best decision Iíve made in my life.Ē

    You can read more about this patientís very successful hair transplant repair case below:



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    I find this fascinating. How many surgeons are doing BHTs? I would have thought most chest hair/nape of the neck hair was very similar to head hair and thus would maintain its characteristics once transplanted.

    This result looks good!

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    Hi Airbumps,

    Thank you for the kind words. It has certainly been a long journey for me on a personal level.

    As far as bht, it's a good point. However, I can give you my personal and objective opinion due to me having 4 botched procedures with 2 doctors. Doctor Umar is a perfectionist, and created his own patented instruments for BHT and successful FUE. In my past procedures I was just another patient/dollar sign, for there were surgeries taking place at the same time as mine. It took me 5 years to choose Dr. Umar due to negative past experiences, and I was the only patient he worked on for 5 days. He comes across as really valuing the patient, and doing whatever is needed to ensure success. For me personally he is a miracle worker.

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