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    Sorry mate, but I don't think the fear of hair loss should drive us toward quitting smoking. There are other more concerning and serious diseases caused by smoking. Answering your question, I've done my research and haven't found anything proving 100% the interconnection between them. I moved to vape and exactly to Dot pro vaping pods. I strongly believe, or at least want to believe, that way, I avoid all the negative effects caused by smoking cigarettes. Does it make any sense? Of course, considering vaping is relatively new, several studies should be held to prove its safety.

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    What you say has a high dose of truth. We all probably already know that smoking can turn our life into an unhealthy one and endanger it. In addition to affecting the internal organs, especially the lungs, smoking also creates negative effects on the nails, skin, and hair. It is quite likely that a small percentage of smoking causes baldness. My father went through this, and because he didn't want to have randomly distributed hair on his head, he decided to use the best ipl hair removal device to become bald.

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    I would like to introduce you to hair transplantation in Iran, which is performed by the best doctors in Iran and in the best hospitals in Iran at a reasonable price and by Smart Behan Medical Tourism Company in Iran.

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    Default 留学生找代写就来找我

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