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    Question about a few vitamins if someone can answer please. How does stinging nettle and l lysine help with hair loss?

    Stinging nettle, I have read can actually raise dht levels and sounds like can make things worse..I have read that if combined with saw palmetto and pygeum then it can be a good combination but from all the readings I found that it raises dht I'm not sure if I'd want to add it in. Is it true that it does raise dht levels? If so why is it known as a anti hair loss supplement? Would
    combining the three together prevent that from raising dht?

    Now for l lysine i have read that it can make vitamins like saw palmetto or beta sitosterol more potent and I guess give them more of a kick. Is this the real reason why it is listed as a anti hair loss supplement?

    I am also looking into balancing or lowering my hormones and I read that rehmannia can help with that but I have read that it has all the ingredients to help enhance your sexual needs so why do I read one thing that it can help lower it but has all the ingredients to raise your hormones..I'm tired of being a horn dog and feel like its really going to take an affect on me and my hair.

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