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    Default Keno-complex with melatonin Keno-Complex is a powerful activator of the hair follicle

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    I'm unconvinced to say the least. Just sounds like yet more 'natural' bollocks, not a new drug. Doesn't seem to have been through any rigorous clinical trials. Website has little mistakes on it, feels unprofessional. Also uses cagey, unspecific language, and says two months to see results when we know that'd be a really short time to see results. Never heard of the lab or the researcher. If this one is the answer I'll be shocked.

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    Default I'm thinking if trying the shampoo

    I wouldn't say the answer but maybe people with mild thining of the hair could help

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    scam. what else.

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    I recently bought keno complex shampoo and got scared because , it has saw palmetto and topical meltionin and I started to shed a lot of hairs little ones so I stopped , on my pillow etc and I still have a lot of hair so atm I'll just stick with minoxidil laser olive oil shampoo . I used it for about a week decided to stop.

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