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    Default I've been taking finasteride/propecia almost 1 year?

    So I've been taking this almost 1 year now. Hmmm...I really don't know what to say. It definitely has worked its "charm" in terms of keeping my hair from falling out. That said, I can still achieve and erection, but I'm noticing sexual side effects. I definitely at least think I have a decreased sex drive, and orgasms are NOT as pleasurable as they once were.

    I'm not sure if this is related to the drug or not. This could be because I'm approaching 29. That said the sides have slowly been getting worse. They were noticeable within the first month of taking it, but they seem to be getting worse. That said I don't know for sure, but this whole "permanent sides thing" I have a feeling that these sides would pass after I quit taking this for about a week.

    I would actually LIKE to keep taking the drug because I am glad that it has helped my hair thus far, but I do feel like I am getting some symptoms mainly decreased pleasure for ejaculation and orgasm.

    Any advice as to what I should do? Does anyone have similar experiences?

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    I also want to add what I'm experiencing is sexual anhedonia. It has been really bad lately. My issue may be anywhere from nothing to almost completely related to this drug. The lack of pleasure might be due to dopamine which can be cause by other things including depression partially which I've had in the past too.

    I'm not saying it's not related to this drug because I tend to think it is, but I don't want to assume 100% that it is so as not to fall victim to the post hoc fallacy.

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