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    Default Massive Shedding After Black Castor Oil

    Hello everyone.
    I've been using 5% Minoxidil lotion for some time, and my shedding really decreased. Regrowth is another thing, but I was happy anyways.
    I bought black castor oil and I was rubbing it in my scalp once a week (left it for whole night, wash off in the morning). I was still on minoxidil.
    For some time everything was OK, but after a month I noticed shedding. I stopped using castor oil, but I still shed like crazy. I lost probably 1/3 of hair.
    I wonder what happened? Why some poeple can use oils on scalp, and for others it causes shedding?
    And why it still continues even though I'm not using it anymore?
    Few years ago I had micro-camera examination done (it was after a period I've been using coconut oil with herbs on my scalp), and I remember doctor telling me I have many clogged hair follicles.
    I thought this time it would be different, because castor oil is such a different oil...

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    Default Me too!

    Me too! I'm glad I'm not alone on this. I went on Google looking for an answer to this this and came across this site. As soon as I read your message, I just had to register.

    I've been on minoxidil for years with good results. Minoxidil gave me thick hair, but I still have places on my temples that refuse to grow. I used regular castor oil (yellow kind) in the past, and had some shedding the first time I used it, but not noticeable to anyone but me. I used it once and never used it again.

    Everyone has been praising JBCO. I recently saw someone I went to college with on YT. She had massive alopecia which led to her shaving her head bald. She now has shoulder length hair and she owes much success to Jamaica Black Castor Oil . So, I finally decided to try it out thinking that maybe I shed the 1st time around because it wasnt black Castor oil.

    HAAAA! I shed soooooo much hair... More than a fist full of hair after 1 application. I shed for days afterwards too. My hair is so uneven and thin now that I'm actually sitting with scissors giving myself a haircut to try to camouflage the damage that was done.

    Either our hair doesn't like it OR it could be doing the initial shedding that minoxidil did. Do I want to find out? I don't know. But so many people have had great results with JBCO after a year than I've had in the years that I've had using minoxidil.

    I'm thinking about stopping Minoxidil and use JBCO for a month to see if it actually has an initial shedding phase which eventually stops just like minoxidil.

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