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    Default Thank you download trump speeding up FDA process this could be good news


    Trump Vows to Speed Up FDA Approval, Cut Regs for Pharma


    Sorry I mean Donald trump can some one change that
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    Download Trump has a better ring to it anyway.

    Potentially good news, although after the recent brotzu lotion delay/flop for no apparent reason (and FIda aren't governed by the FDA) part of me wonders if it's the processes that actually slow it down, and not just other external causes, like merck and the Death Star they have orbiting the earth, ready to blow it up should anyone look outside proecia.

    Although this makes sense really, trump is probably a balding eagle like us under that comb over, he wants these treatments as much as we do so he's become president to speed it up. The whole wall across the Mexican boarder thing is just an act. Genius!

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    not gonna debate about Download Trump.
    even if the FDA had an instant approval we still don't even have the shadow of a cure.
    besides, this concerns only US citizens, most of us don't give a damn.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tylerbose View Post
    we still don't even have the shadow of a cure.
    besides, this concerns only US citizens, most of us don't give a damn.
    Oh? We don't? You must be new. Google Japan's hair multiplication method. That's as cure as cure gets.

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