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    Default 20 yrs old hair losing hair quick!

    Okay so I'm 20 years old and I started on finasteride 3 weeks ago about 4 or 5 months ago my hair did not show recession at all to people then all the sudden it started shedding like crazy and go me it's way more noticeable I shed so much ecspecailly in the last few weeks and it bothers me a ton what I guess I'm asking is do you think Finasteride could get me back where I was or do you think the odds are slim?

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    Stay the course.

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    okay thank you!

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    Wait, hold up a minute here. From your description, it sounds that what you're experiencing is the shedding that's a common side effect of using Fin. Typically, male pattern baldness hair loss would not present in this dramatic fashion, and shedding is a common side effect of Fin. Many people, including likely your doctor, will tell you that this is temporary, and the hair that you lost as a consequence of the shed will come back and that you either won't lose the hair you would have without taking Fin for a while longer or you may grow some hair back.

    BUT! Fin is a very controversial product. And there are numerous people out there that will tell you that they lost hair as a consequence of using Fin and that that hair never grew back. I'm not telling you what is happening to you or what will or won't happen to you in the future, I really have no idea. But I would think that the last thing you would want to do would be to take a case of mild hair loss (or maybe even just some mild recession that wouldn't become pronounced hair loss for a long time) and make things worse, potentially much worse. Don't listen to one random person, either the previous poster or your doctor, and put the whole future of your hair on their (overly) confident statement. Do some online research on Finasteride and hair shedding. Then make up your own mind on your comfort level in relation to the risks involved. No matter what, Finasteride is definitely not a sure thing at all, and it is most definitely not anything like a "cure" for the large percentage of people that use it.

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