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    Exclamation Qaw039 (fevipiprant) interest check | oral once a day pgd2 antagonist


    PM me if anyone is interested in getting their hands on Fevipiprant. The admin on PHG would prefer to keep all GB private and among members only, but this is a rare exception because the labs minimum production quantity for Fevi is 1kg so were currently compiling a list of people interested right now so we can negotiate a cheaper price with the lab if we can get to 2kg

    You will get an email around early - mid February regarding the GB. Its currently being negotiated/organized between the admin on PHG and the Lab.

    The email will contain all info ie. prices, quantities, shipping etc.

    Anyone who commits to a GB and follows through without ****ing it up, could possibly be admitted into the forum in the future.



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    Hey buddy, just emailed you about this. Very excited about it.

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    Side Effects

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    UPDATE: QAW039 (Fevipiprant) Groupbuy Now Open.


    So we reached 1kg in commitments from forum members on PHG, and now we need another 1kg from external sources so we can get to 2kg and get the discount from the Lab.

    If we are able to commit 1kg (outside of PHG so we need 2kg total) the price for Fevipiprant will be $315 USD for 10g. Daily dose will be 60 - 150mg per day.

    I personally will be doing 100mg per day and have committed to 25g

    If we are unable to reach the 1kg the price will go up to $357/10g

    Make sure you order enough so that it lasts you at minimum 6 months, no point in ordering 3 months worth and you run out right when the hair starts to thicken up.


    Payment will be through Western Union. Because we are opening the GB to the public and we dont know each person we only reserve Paypal as an option for PHG members only. All it takes is one person to **** the GB with a paypal chargeback.

    Anyone who follows through may possible be admitted to the private forum and be able to pay with Paypal on future Gb's.


    Contact me at Khalilyousuf1988@gmail.com to post your commitments if you would like to join.

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