Is it the alcohol that causes face ageing or the Minoxidil itself? -
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    Question Is it the alcohol that causes face ageing or the Minoxidil itself?

    I believe my face has aged greatly (dark eye circles, wrinkles, loss of volume in face) due to twice daily application of Regaine over the past 12 years.

    I'v also read a lot about this being a common side effect in recent years - so 3 months ago decide to stop Regaine.

    One thing I have never seen mentioned is whether it's the active ingredient itself i.e Minoxidil that causes this --- or is it just the alcohol component of Regaine that causes the face to age?

    Does anyone have any ideas on this?

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    Maybe someone else will answer better, but I mean is it even conclusive that minox causes this at all? If it does it must be a very tiny percent. You might have aged because you started 12 years ago. No one looks the same forever.

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    Default Is anyone going to answer me?

    So much talk about Minox causing aged face and yet no-one has talked about what the devil is causing it!

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    Ever think it's because you're twelve years older?

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    I doubt if the alcohol content in Minoxidil would have that effect. It's a small amount being a applied to the skin. Moderate drinkers probably absorb more alcohol into the system.

    I agree with others that you can expect to have visibly aged over the course of 12 years. Have you noticed any improvement since you stopped using Minoxidil?
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    Dude, alcohol and drugs, these are the two main enemies of youth. You may be 25 years old, but if you abuse drugs or alcohol, you will have problems with the nervous system, blood vessels and skin, so take care of your health. My friend used to abuse alcohol very much and he realized that he was addicted to it. After my advice, he decided to start treatment and found one cool clinic. There he had psychological talks and other sessions so that he would stop thinking about alcohol. He was even advised to purchase special tests to determine the amount of alcohol in the urine from Every day he passed this test and waited until the alcohol completely left his body. As a result, he managed and after 29 days he became completely healthy and also began to look younger. So if you want to stay young, then forget about alcohol and drugs.

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