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    Unhappy Am i balding? I have long hair hellppppppppp

    Background information:
    Asian, Dead straight long hair. Hair was too heavy so went to thin it out about 3 months ago. Father's side grandpa, might be at nw2 (probably hiding it but I caught receding hairline in photos) close to 70 yrs old, idk if my dad would have baldspot, he passed away when I was young, but I don't remember him having any balding at about 30+) Mother's side grandpa, slick shiny white hair, balding at 70, 70+, grand uncle probably general thinning. (Idk if this will help) but my aunt has been reported that she sheds a massive amount but hair still looking perfect and thick. I have a double crown, parting hair to the right since 13 yrs old, moved up my parting til like the photos since 16yrs old. // Mother's side uncle has front thinning, and is already pass 3/4 gone (the front) I'm 18 yrs old turning 19 at the end of this year btw
    idk if the information would help, if you need more information I might be able to provide.
    I know this can't do much, but if any of you could help! IT WOULD BE EXTREMELY GRATEFUL. I love my shiny hair.

    Click image for larger version

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    Nah. You're not balding yet. Your genes are good and asians typically have lower hair density. (Hence more scalp exposure)

    Also, your aunts shedding shouldn't have anything to do with yours!!

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