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    Default Advice Needed On Travel Please; Worried

    I am scheduled for a session with Dr. Koray Erdogan this summer and already have flights and my deposit in, but I am getting increasingly concerned about the situation in Turkey. I realize the mainstream media may be overblowing the situation there (then again, they may not be) but I was wondering about the security and safety there from anyone who has been there recently. I wouldn’t be too concerned but I scheduled myself for 10 days post-op at the hotel for the best post-op conditions possible during the most important phase. I am also from the U.S, I don’t know if that will cause any issues for me…

    If the members here strongly recommend against travelling to Turkey, I was wondering about Baubac Hayatdavoudi. He took over the Armani line in LA, has put out what looks to be great results, and there seems to be a lot of information on/from him. Any thoughts on this? Obviously much more expensive 15000$ vs 5000$ but I am not worrying too much about that. I just want the best situation possible.

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    I wouldn't worry about going to Istanbul. It can happen there, but also in Berlin, Brussels, Boston, Madrid etcetera.

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    How are the security/law enforcement forces there?

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    I have not been there in years, but don't look like a tourist. I am assuming FUE is choice, but you have 10 days to sit after the surgery so don't be too concerned.
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