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    Default Did my research ready to take the plunge

    I have been researching and consulting surgeons since this past August.

    I am 53 years old i am a Norwood 3, have most of my hair, front is thinning out, and i have excellent donor. I wish to address the frontal 3rd of my head with the goal of a thicker fuller hairline not necessarily lower.
    I am concerned with FUT due to scaring and numbness issue and base this on my history of scaring from sports injuries etc.
    Im not 100% opposed to the FUT procedure but if i were to go forward with FUT my concern is shaving and the time it takes to grow back to cover the scar. So if i was to proceed with FUT my choice of surgeon would not just be based on skill but also one that is comfortable with performing the FUT without shaving.
    The surgeons recommended between 1500 and 2500 grafts
    I am down to my final Surgeons after having consults with many
    DR RAHAL - FUE ( Great hairlines, great results, this was phone and email consult )
    DR DORIN - FUE OR FUT ( Great hairlines, great results - very conservative )
    DR MOHEBI - FUE OR FUT ( Not sure on the hairline, great results, can also do FUE with shaving just a strip - but I would probably shave the back of head so its spread out
    DR FELLER - FUT ( Will perform FUT and shave only part of my head also told me FUE would not yield same density as FUT )
    I would appreciate hearing from anyone that had to choose between the procedures and anyone that was happy with FUE results and of course comments on the above surgeons.
    Thank you.

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    In the same boat, who did you end up going with?

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    I ended up going with Dr. Jerry Cooley, recommended by a very active member of the community, Dr Cooley is very involved in research and development of methods and treatments, he places the grafts in developed solutions, additionally, other than Dorin he was the only one that did not require shaving. Office was very nice, staff was great, and Dr. Cooley was great. I had FUT required no pain medication after I'm a month out scar healing well and cannot be seen. I just went through shedding so its hard to tell i had anything done, minor redness the weeks after.

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    Do you have any pictures of the progress?

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