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    Default Do I have a receding hairline at only 18 ?

    Hi! I noticed when I was about 16-17 that my hairline was starting to recede at the corners and temples. I'm 18 now and it seems that the recession has stopped for almost a year. What are your opinions? Is my hair indeed receding? If so, is it too late to start treatments? Any input will be appreciated! Here are some photos, i apologise for the bad quality:Click image for larger version

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    Use a DHT blocking shampoo like Pura D'or, go 0.25mg of fin, minoxidil with fin or DHT blockers like Lipogaine, a cheap 128 diode laser helmet, Nizoral 2% shampoo once a week, and maybe get a few thousand grafts at the front to fit your hairline and future proof it.

    Well, if money isn't an issue that is.

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    Hair loss is... sporadic. When it happens it can be very, very fast. I always had great hair then when I reached the age of about 27 / 28 I had a huge loss to a 3 vertex within about a year. With regards to your question, are you starting to recede? That depends on what your hairline was like before. It doesn't look like you ever had a particularly straight hairline since you're only 18 in the images shown so maybe that temporal receding look you believe you have is just you being paranoid. On the last image however I can see some slight thinning on the crown area. It's difficult to tell really from the images supplied but only you can tell if you are losing hair excessively as you know what it was like "before"

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    Hey, yes your hair line does seem to be receding. Consider looking at minoxidil & propecia.

    You are definitely not too late for treatments. You have still a ton of hair left!

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    Too young for a HT. Try propecia and hope for something new soon.

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    Hey bro,

    Yea. Take the generic version of Propecia to save bills and that will slow things down. And then in 5 years look into a FUE procedure (Leaves no scars)

    That's what I did (well got started on Propecia later than I wanted to) and have a nice set of hair still, even though I began balding 7 years ago.

    F U nature!

    Richter101 is a former patient of Dr. Parsa Mohebi

    Born Oct ’89
    Began Seeing Gradual Hair Loss Oct ’09
    Began Seeing Gradual Hair Gain June ’15

    My regimen includes:
    HT #1 2200 (ARTAS- FUE) grafts at Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration in Los Angeles in 2016
    Finasteride daily, since 2014
    Rogaine experimenter from 2012- ’13 RIP

    Planning HT #2 By End of This Year

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