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    Default If you had unlimited money, what treatment would you get?

    Hi guys, I'm 27 and I'm noticing some hair loss. Pretty depressing..because well I'm italian and hair is everything LOL.

    I'm not sure if I will continue to bald as my pattern is very slow and steady.. some crown, some thinning, and of course the increasing widows peak.

    My question is, if I were to get a FUT, and needed more later, but could afford FUT again, would you?

    Also, finasteride, I think i'd rather be bald then deal with potential libido loss?

    Minoxidil, I don't want to start because i've heard a lot of shit stories about it.

    Anyway, what treatment woudld you try if money wasnt a concern?

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    FUE results are better than FUT. Libido loss with fin doesn't exist if you start small like 0.25mg My libido went UP. Minoxidil is a pain in the ass but if you use it once a day and wash it off before you sleep so you don't get any on your face it will be fine.


    0.25mg finasteride
    Cheap but good laser helmet - http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/64-128-D....qfSQ0oP2X7G7Wg
    Pura D'or Gold
    Nizoral 2%
    Lipogaine Sensitive
    Vitamins - http://au.iherb.com/Country-Life-Ma....AEwBoCzPHw_wcB

    Then get an FUE at the front with a few thousand grafts to fix the hairline.

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    If I had that much money I'd invest it to be a billionaire! I currently do forex trading for a living, if you want to try it why don't you check this option called FXGiants? check their site to know how do forex brokers make money, you can also find the best market prices available so you can receive excellent trading conditions.

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    One of the best ways to earn money for the treatment should be with forex. I am currently using the http://usforexbrokers.com/ page with which it helps me a lot with my investments to start planning what treatment I want because I have a lot of fall in hair, not to mention that I am almost bald I hope to achieve what I need so that my hair does not continue to fall.

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