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    Unhappy New and like everyone sad and scared

    The last 6 months of my life have been crazy. Mid June my healthy 59 yo brother unexpectedly dies. Two weeks later I am on my final house hunting trip in another state. 30 days later in Aug I move. sept new stylist over processes my hair, in Oct I am robbed and a few non replaceable family mementos stolen, November, someone hit my car and left in a parking lot, and I get a terrible case of Bronchitis and sinusitis and am put on 2000mg of penicillin for 10 days, and my workload has tripled at work! Late Sept and for the next 6 weeks I am finding hunks of hair in the shower. now I have a bald spot behind my bangs through the mid part of my scalp. COuld not get into a doctor but did get in to see a NP. She is certain it's due to stress and male pattern hair loss. DOes that much hair loss happen that fast??? I had blood work done and find out something, not sure what next week and a biopsy. NP was very confident its male pattern hair loss and Hair won't grow back. I am 52 and wondering if it all happens so fast I am so sad. Not sure if the blood work is even helpful. Thanks for listening, I know everyone here is suffering .

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    male or female?

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    Quote Originally Posted by baldbrah369 View Post
    male or female?
    I am a female.

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    If it's big chunks falling out over a short period then it's probably not what most of us have.

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