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    Default Turkey - Which one ?

    Hey Everyone

    The thee best surgeons for turkey or some of the three recommended surgeons and on the IAHRS.



    Dr Erdogan
    Dr Doganay
    Dr Civas

    Which one to choose ? Please can you recommend experiences with each ?
    Are some of the above comoarable to uk prices too as I have read they do vary even in turkey

    Any advice spex too ?

    Also considering DR ball in uk . But obviously there will be a price difference

    Thank you new member

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    I had a friend recommend FUE from Turkey. (He is Turkish, and had it done in Turkey) He recommended any of the 3 doctors listed at IAHRS.org. After speaking with all 3, I felt Dr. Civas provided the best value for my hair loss. (I was around Norwood 2)

    Any of the 3 doctors are going to provide much better value than surgery from cheaper and relatively unknown doctors in the US or UK.

    Yes, you can get doctors in Turkey who are cheaper than these 3... but the quality may vary. As with most things in life, you get what you pay for.

    I appreciated that Dr. Civas is board certified by the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery.

    His office is located in Ankara, the capitol city of Turkey. It is in a nice and safe neighborhood. I had an enjoyable experience traveling there. Pickup/dropoff from the airport was seamless. I stayed at the Sheraton as per my own choice. (SPG points for the win...)

    Dr. Civas is a very knowledgable and experienced surgeon. He has incredibly patient and friendly bedside manner.

    Given the quantity of reviews on all 3 doctors that are positive, I think you can go with any 1 of the 3 doctors listed at IAHRS and you will receive what is likely to be an excellent result and verifiable better value than paying for the surgery in your home country.

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    Have a look at Dr Resul Yaman, I had my surgery with him on 12th April, Can't complain and very professional service.

    If you tell them you're coming from forum recommendation and will be posting the results, you get extra special treatment

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