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    Default The 3 best surgeons in Turkey

    Hey Everyone

    The thee best surgeons for turkey or some of the three recommended surgeons and on the IAHRS.


    Dr Erdogan
    Dr Doganay
    Dr Civas

    Which one to choose ? Please can you recommend experiences with each ?
    Are some of the above comoarable to uk prices too as I have read they do vary even in turkey

    Any advice spex too ?

    Also considering DR ball in uk . But obviously there will be a price difference

    Thank you new member

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    sorry i meant

    please close down this thread, wrong page posted sorry

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    Erdogans results are god like. If they are IAHRS one could assume they are trustworthy and at that point focus on the aesthetics of their work. Civas is also getting some of the best results in the world, but Erdogan is on another level. He's an artist, and conservative on his grafts too. More expensive than the others, but still significantly cheaper (and better) than anyone in the UK.

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