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    Unhappy 15 year old male picture included

    This picture was taken at night, 12+ hours after washing my hair. I parted my hair from the crown, and yeah, this is what I usually see.
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    Hey bro, the good news is no one else will notice and you won't some drastic stuff til you get out of highschool. What you can do is start focusing on a cure now.

    1. Research great doctors in your area. Search through here and yelp. And consult with them about a product called Propecia.
    2. Save up money because one day you'll need a hair surgery. And you can get done with no scar! I did.

    Best of luck.

    Richter101 is a former patient of Dr. Parsa Mohebi

    Born Oct ’89
    Began Seeing Gradual Hair Loss Oct ’09
    Began Seeing Gradual Hair Gain June ’15

    My regimen includes:
    HT #1 2200 (ARTAS- FUE) grafts at Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration in Los Angeles in 2016
    Finasteride daily, since 2014
    Rogaine experimenter from 2012- ’13 RIP

    Planning HT #2 By End of This Year

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    I'm not sure you should start looking into hair surgery at the age of 15. I think you are too young to be stressing about such things. If I were you I would just ride it out see where you stand in your 20s. If you are genetically predisposed to hair loss at a young age all the medication in the world is not going to stop that. I would wait and see how bad it gets then if you need to get a hair transplant in your late 20s. Otherwise you are going to spend your life on medication and worrying about whether or not it's working.

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    Rogaine would be perfect for you at your age and where your hairloss is.

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