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    Quote Originally Posted by BaldingHelpMe View Post

    I'm also a long time finasteride user (12+ years), 2 years ago, I switched to Dutasteride, and since then my frontal area has thinned a lot. The inital shedding has past now, and the shedded hairs seem to slowly growing back, but they grow very slowly. With all the research I have done, dutasteride should be better than finasteride, but after 2+ years of taking dutasteride, I don't see it better than finasteride. I'm really concerned with the frontal area getting not better.

    I regret switching, but since I've switched already, I'm not going back just now. I'm still taking dutasteride, and thinking of giving it another year or so.

    What is your experience of the switch? Do you notice frontal hair shedding?
    Has your frontal area filled in at all? I haven't heard of fin being more effective than dut. Perhaps the extra DHT inhibition shocked the system into a shed? Although two years is a long time to be shedding.

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