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    Default 22 years old with diffuse thinning

    Hi all

    After 6 months of intermittent reading, I have realised that it is very rare for a progress to be documented in the long term. Those with successful results disappear and those with progressive balding troubleshoot. I would like to share my progress with you guys and document changes over time.

    I am a 22 year old male who has experienced diffused thinning since a very young age. I remember my hairdresser pointing out that I had thin hair on the top of my head when I was only 14 years old.

    Fast forward ten years, thinning has been very slow throughout the years but visibly noticeable from roughly 18 years old. My crown is more noticeable since no hair is able to fold and layer over it unlike hair on the top which naturally conceals thinning hair. I style my hair with a natural combover to one side which hides the diffused top very well. If my hair was to be styled spiked up, my scalp would be completely exposed in natural lighting, which is the same for when my hair is wet.

    I have been taking finasteride 1mg since the beginning of July 2016. I did purchase minoxidl and applied this on one occasion but upon researching more on this, I decided I did not want to continue and subsequently stopped. I have been taking finasteride every day since - maybe missing 1 day every 2/3 weeks but overall, I have been very consistent and experienced no side effects.

    I have noticed a considerably more amount of hair being shed during showering over the past one or two weeks. By 'shed' I mean 10-15 visible hairs on the shower floor after I've finished. Although I understand this is a normal process of the finasteride cycle, I guess this is what prompted me to start a thread and document progress. Furthermore to shedding, my scalp is VERY dry and have extreme amounts of dandruff. The dandruff is not noticeable but upon inspection of my scalp, it is clear that the dandruff is a major problem. Flakes everywhere... resting on my head. Every time I run my hands through my hair, or even flick it with my fingers, excessive dandruff will slowly float down onto my shirt or desk. I am about to order some tea tree oil to mix a few drops with my shampoo which I have read will give my scalp the moisture it needs. I have tried T Gel which has previously worked in the past 8 years when it was required, but it has not seemed to have stopped working.

    I know that washing your hair daily can cause harm to your scalp/hair. But not doing this would not be an option for me. When I wake up, not only is my hair super greasy, but the crown of my hair will be very flat which magnifies the thinning and bald patch on my crown, so obviously not washing is not an option.

    I hope that the tea tree oil will give back some moisture to my scalp. If anyone has any other suggestions, please feel free to post.

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