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    My name is Barrette 41 years old. After my divorce a year ago, I was in a very bad depressed mode and I was seeking a change; my self confidence was at its lowest level at that time and I was acting like a high school geek when it comes to date women. I grew old and I know that 41 can never be 27 anymore; yet, we are in 21st century and everything now is possible and achievable (almost everything, we still canít cure cancer nor understand how Trump made it into the White House; or even know what lies beneath the divorce of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt). Anyways, back to me now, Iíve always hated losing my hair and always trying to find a solution for that: I came across traditional treatments with some kind of herbs, some medications and injections, and hair transplant. Moreover and in regard to hair transplant, a new technique I didnít know which has been there for a while, which is Micro FUE; and as after my divorce I can finally find time for myself, I decided to go for it. In Australia, I couldnít find a reliable clinic or hospital that can provide that, so I consulted Uncle Google and all the search results it showed were mainly in Turkey about clinics or health centres or hospitals or sometimes just call centres play as the intermediate between the hair transplant specialist and clients. I got so confused because of the amount of results I found with no reliable third party that can give a quality assurance review on each hair transplant centre or clinic or whatever it is. I needed to read some reviews or comments, or see some results so upon which I can at least narrow my search results. I checked forums, websites and social media and I found that people are mostly talking about Adem & Havva medical centre, Dr. Serkan Aygan Clinic and Asmed medical center, so I checked them and called them. First, I wasnít quite sure how I can decide which one to choose as all have shown good results and people were grateful; until I got to know that what distinguishes Adem and Havva is that the hair transplant specialist participates in and monitors the operations.
    My second concern was the travel itself to Turkey after all what we are hearing from news. With phone calling, mailing and WhatsAppíing within two months back and forth with the marketing manager of Adem and Havvaís; thus, I made an appointment and travelled to Istanbul after I agreed upon a whole treatment package with hotel accommodation and transportation and other things such as blood tests and Plasma injections.
    They welcomed me at the airport and I didnít find any problems on arrival; I was lucky that my hotel was very close to the hospital (yes it is hospital not just a place that does hair transplantation which made me more comfortable). The staff was really really warmly welcoming me Ėsometimes, it was a little bit too much, but to be honest it was better than not being welcomed!
    Mrs. Safiye (the hair transplant specialist) met me at her office and diagnosed my hair, drew some lines and wrote down the treatment plan. Then, they took a blood sample and made some tests, and prepared the PRP something injection to be injected later after finishing the operation. Afterwards, I have got my hair shaved by a nurse, been prepared for the operation, locally my back side of my head (the donor area) got numbed, and they started harvesting grafts from there. This first phase took about 2 hours and it went smoothly. Mrs. Safiye then came for phase two and started opening hair channels in my desired-to-be transplanted area (which was front head) for about one hour and a half. Lastly, the harvested hair grafts were transplanted under the monitoring of Mrs. Safiye for about 3 hours.
    The next day, I went back for bandage change and the day after for washing my head Ėthey taught me how to do it as it is not as the normal washing daily way.
    All in all, I would say it was a positive experience and itís been a month now; and at least I can say now that from what I am noticing on my head, they did it professionally. Now excited, canít wiat for the final results but I am aware that it will take about 6 months at least. I will keep you posted with my progress.
    Thanks a lot for spending time reading about my experience.
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    This is so inspiring, I would love to know about your progress. Im planning to have my transplant this month and im still searching for what dos and dont i should expect. Thank you so much.

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