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    Default Onion/Garlic results

    I know many folks are sceptical about natural treatment (as am I) but I decided to give it a go after seeing a guy get amazing results on youtube.

    I did the treatment solid for 6 months but then got lazy around month 7 and pretty much stopped at month 8. It's a REAL pain in the ass to do and I didn't know if it was really doing anything. And I still don't know.

    Month 1-6:

    I have been off it for 5 months now and my hair is on it's way out.
    Thinking about doing this onion thing again but don't wanna waste my time.
    What do you guys think?

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    You're right. It probably is a waste of time.

    The temples are receding. Would try Finasteride if I were you, but only one milligram (not 5 milligrams cut in quarters).

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    Not worth it. I tried doing it for 1 day and couldn't handle. It's so time consuming and the smell... I think I rather be bald than do that, even if it worked haha

    I would highly recommend Finasteride as well. It takes a second a day just to swallow a pill and has done me no harm. (Results take about a year to kick in)

    And finally, if it ever gets bad 1 day.. hair surgery was the best investment of my life.

    Richter101 is a former patient of Dr. Parsa Mohebi

    Born Oct ’89
    Began Seeing Gradual Hair Loss Oct ’09
    Began Seeing Gradual Hair Gain June ’15

    My regimen includes:
    HT #1 2200 (ARTAS- FUE) grafts at Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration in Los Angeles in 2016
    Finasteride daily, since 2014
    Rogaine experimenter from 2012- ’13 RIP

    Planning HT #2 By End of This Year

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