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    Default Minoxidil, anxiety, panic attacks.

    Hi all,

    For a few years, I was taking Rogaine 5% foam with no side effects, and some new hair.

    In the summer of 2015, I had to buy the Target brand 5% because Rogaine was out of stock. A week after I started it, I had a pretty bad panic attack (which I thought was food poisoning at the time). Since I thought it was simply food poisoning, I stayed on the Target brand because the price was right.

    Fast forward to this year. I had a panic attack in February (once again, thinking food poisoning) and in May (again thinking it was food poisoning), and in August I had a few days of panic attacks and uncontrollable anxiety. For some reason, I believed that the minoxidil was doing this to me. So I stopped. Anxiety was still there, and panic attacks were much more mild.

    But last week, after a few days of anxiety free living (no kidding, I felt amazing), I decided to start using minoxidil again. The next day, I had terrible anxiety, and two days ago, I had one of the worst panic attacks I had ever had. Yesterday I was a crying mess at my therapist's office. He tells me I absolutely need to be on medication, but I don't want to be on medication.

    Does anyone else have or had any issues with minoxidil and anxiety? I don't give a shit any more about my hair.

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    I hope youíre okay. I had anxiety with Minoxidil.

    I started taking it January 2019 and very quickly my mental health went down hill.

    I had terrible anxiety, no sleep, panic attacks and suicidal thoughts.

    I had to go on medication.

    Instead of getting better it was getting worse.

    I got so bad that I couldnít get out of bed to put on Minoxidil for three days. Then one day I woke up completely fine.

    I immediately put two and two together, and decided to stay off it. Iíve been fine ever since.

    This must be a rare side effect on some people. But in my experience Minoxidil can give you anxiety.

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    Topical or oral minoxidil can cause slight increases in heart rates for certain persons, but so far as I know there is no scientific cause for concern. People with heart conditions and/or cardiovascular problems, no matter how slight, may experience increased heart rate or anxiousness when getting on minoxidil, but direct correlation in healthy subjects is unlikely. Id recommend following up with a doctor for a general health checkup.
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