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    Default The stigma of being a balding man...

    Most women don't like seeing a man under the age of 50 losing hair. They tend to be turned off by it. It is a shame really. It is even worse the younger you get. I have a friend who got married young and his wife divorced him when he started losing his hair in his late 20's. Not even joking.

    Why is it okay for women to treat men like this and then complain when men say they don't want to date a gal for being too heavy? Makes no sense. We can't control our hair loss but you can hop on a treadmill and fix your issue.

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    I think it's all relative and has more to do with each individual person/woman than an overall reflection on society at large. I know plenty of men who have advanced hair loss, no hair, etc. who are in perfectly happy, successful, healthy relationships. I also know single men with MPB who have very active dating lives, and aren't held back in the slightest. Sure, they may not necessarily be dating the "models", but they're dating and happy. Not only that, but the ones that do tend to date very attractive women are the ones with the confidence and personality to not give a crap about their hair loss.

    If anything, I would say that a lot of the anecdotal stories you hear about "balding men who can't get a date" are probably the men who have such high standards for women that they only want to date the 9s and the 10s (with us men being the visual creatures that we are). I guarantee if some of these men were open to dating women that they didn't initially find as "traditionally attractive", they could easily find a beautiful woman who would love to be with them, balding or not.
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