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    Default 10 months rogaine foam 7 months propecia

    I promised I would update so here it is

    - age 39

    - rogaine foam 10 months

    - propecia 1 mg daily for 7 months

    He is what I have noticed. First off I have taken no pictures mostly because I was so upset about the rapid loss I didn't want to face it and just hoped that rogaine or propecia would stop it so I would not have to face it. I have thinning behind my hairline and on my crown but I have maintained a halfway decent hairline.

    Before I started anything my scalp was becoming very itchy accompanied by some shedding but honestly I didn't notice until one day I was in a dressing room at clothing store and caught it in the right light - oh no what the $&:&; is this !!!!

    So after doing a little research I ordered some rogaine and thought - no worries this will fix it. After about 3 months the situation was getting worse so I continued to do my research - so many horror stories about propecia - so what should I do ?? Well after some debate I decided just to go for it and see what happens ....

    - 3 months on rogaine ( hair got worse ) scalp very itchy
    - 6 months on rogaine and 3 months on propecia Hair continued to get worse ( itching was unbearable and loss continues ) I was very depressed that nothing would stop this.
    - 9 months on rogaine and 6 months on propecia ( itching is slowing and noticing hair loss slowing - but not sure if it's my imagination)
    - today 10 months rogaine and 7 months on propecia ( no more itching at all !!! - hair loss seems to have stopped - maybe losing 5-10 hairs a day and I am seeing some shorter dark hairs growing in around the hair line )

    So here is what I think at this point. Not sure rogaine has done anything but am to scared to stop. After 7 months on propecia I think I am starting to see some improvement but it is slight - the itching is definitely gone and I can only take that as a positive sign. It is a very slow process and I will keep updating as these message boards have helped me out over the past 10 months. Also I have not noticed any side effects of propecia or rogaine - nothing at all.

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