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    Default When do you tell your girlfriend that you wear a hair piece? And how do you tell her

    Hey guys, so I am starting to date with my new hair piece and I'm very happy with it so far. But how do I go about telling a girl about my hair piece? How do you guys do it and at what point do you tell her?

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    Also, another quick question: if a girl wants to touch your hair, I'm guessing it's best to try to prevent that? How do you prevent her from touching it?

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    I guess just wait until it comes up in conversation naturally, but don't leave it too long. It doesn't have to be some massive reveal like "there's something I need to tell you... I have cancer" or "I'm bisexual" or some deep stuff like that, it's just a hair piece that you can treat like it's trivial. I'd assume the more trivial you can make it the less likely people will be turned off, since then it won't look so much like balding is this massive hang-up that still dominates your life even while wearing the system.

    It definitely is something I think you need to tell people though, especially partners. If it gets to a stage where they're living with you and you still haven't told them, they're going to eventually find out by accident. Whether it's stumbling upon a spare hair piece, or wondering what the hell you're doing when you lock yourself in the bathroom to re-attach, they'll find out. Also the longer you leave it the bigger a shock it's going to be when they've been convinced that they were looking at your real hair.

    Might also be a good way to weed out the trash btw. If someone is so turned off by your hair being fake they're probably not worth the bother anyway.

    About having the hair being touched - touching is probably fine unless it's all the time, just no hard pulling obviously.

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    Yeah, guys agonise about this far too much. It's understandable I guess. If you read Cosmo or its 1001 equivalents and the subject of men's hair replacement is mentioned it's always "eww no, never, I would rather have a bald guy etc etc". But what people say for public consumption and what they do are two very different things. There are literally millions of guys in the US and around the world wearing hair systems, and the vast majority are supported by their wives and girlfriends. In fact, many of them ended up getting a replacement at the suggestion if a wife or girlfriend. Women would prefer to be dating or married to a nice-looking guy. Of course they would prefer the looks we're all natural, but they are not averse to their man getting a bit of help. The same goes for plastic surgery, teeth veneers and whatever. Publicly the official position is that men just have to be naturally handsome and any kind of vanity is unacceptable, but behind closed doors the women are as keen as we are that we should look good.

    I have told a number of girlfriends over the years I have been wearing. I think you can keep stumm for a couple of months maybe, but if it lasts longer than that it's only fair to come clean. I have never had a negative reaction, and in fact I have discovered that women actually like to be let in on a secret like hair replacement - it gives them the sense that you are committing to them, and giving them a part of you that no one else has.

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    THANK YOU GUYS! I have been stressing over this for a while now and now feel less worried about it. You guys brought up many good points that I didn't even think of.

    Btw, ever since I've had my piece, women actually look at me now instead of avoiding me. lol I'm not used to that at all! It really is making a difference so far and you guys got me here. Thanks again for all of your advice over the last couple of months!

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    I can't speak to this personally, as I don't wear a hairpiece, but I agree with the advice given here thus far. It's the same approach I take with my hair transplant. Ultimately, the more casual you are about it, the less likely it will seem like a big deal. If you're confident and secure about it, she will most likely be confident and secure about it as well.

    Also, keep in mind that if she isn't okay with it, it's more of a reflection of her than it is of you - and that's not to say that she would be a bad person, just that you shouldn't take it personally should it ever be an issue. I'm sure there are women out there who wouldn't be familiar with the concept of a hairpiece and be taken aback, and it's best if you understand that and not get defensive. Give them space to be inquisitive and ask questions, and trust that if for whatever reason a woman decides not to move forward because of it, then it really wasn't the woman you should be with anyway.
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