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    I agree that neither proceedure is perfect, far from it and until hair can be regenerated and decent density achieved a hair transplant will always be an illusion and never look 100% natural. Especially with the thick caliber hair from the donor region transplanted into the hairline as nature diddnt intend.

    But as of 2016 FUE is slightly better then a smiley scar in the back and side of the head. Just ask the many people who regret getting a transplant.

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    I got a 25cm scar from Dr. Feller that is .5cm wide for only 1,600 grafts in 2007 as a 20-year old. I can't cut my hair to a number 5 without this scar showing. Even the best strip Doctors aren't so great. Now I begin the process that Northeastguy just finished. At the time of the surgery I was told by Dr. Feller I wouldn't be able to shave my head. A number 5 isn't shaving your head. Strip scars are pathetic and take advantage of young guys who are desperate for instant gratification. If I had done an FUE my life would be normal and I could shave my head without requiring future repair surgeries. You think a little hair loss is bad. Try walking around with an exposed 25cm scar on your head and see how you feel. I have a beautiful wife and baby and am successful, and I am depressed over this scar. Feller told me I had a proper surgery and nothing was done wrong. He seems to be the only Doctor who feels that way.

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