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    Default A hybrid toupee for V shaped loss?

    Has anyone ever made something like this? The only hairpieces I've seen only make sense if you're a NW4+, shave your head and wear the piece.

    I still have quite a bit of hair(about an NW2.5). Hair extensions and hair clips can provide additional volume to existing hair, but one thing they can't really do is extend the hairline.

    I'm curious if anything like this exists? It would basically look like this

    Note, all I did was use a clone brush from a different spot of hair. It does look weird, I just did it to visually illustrate the type of coverage I'm talking about.

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    It is called a "partial." I suggest you go to go to the Northwest Lace forum (http://www.network54.com/Forum/678938). Use the search function....upper right corner. Type in "partial." You will find threads pertaining to partials.

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    That is probably the crappiest forum I have ever seen. It appears to be threaded? I can't even find anything because the search results seem to lead to posts that don't contain that word, and then you have to click through each post, one. at. a. time. to try to find anything.

    I would never purchase anything from an outfit that thinks that is even remotely professional. Wow.

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    The partial in general seems nice. It could work. Looking around, it seems fairly simple to apply, and not bad at all.
    This is definitely an option. I'll have to see about people who make nice ones.

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    I have seen a guy who did this, and it looked good. A word of warning though: in the world of hair replacement don't judge the quality of the products by the slickness of the website. A system is a highly personal detail-oriented purchase. Better to have a decent conscientious guy working from his kitchen table than a Hair Club, notwithstanding the slick website and beautifully shot pictures.

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    I had a partial at first for my receeding hairline. They are good, but you need to get a good colour match as its more noticeable at the front.

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