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    Quote Originally Posted by Dben153662 View Post
    Ok attaching my before pic. Scars you see is from my removal of old plugs done in the late 80's this pic was taken like 12-14 months ago
    Posted by nolonger-insearchofhairtx:
    I agree; they are desperate predators and criminals. When I was 25yo, I had a consultation for HT with the Bosley medical group in Beverly Hills, CA. The minute the guy told me that the doctors would remove a strip of the back of my head for donor hair, I was totally and completely opposing to that. I am now 35yo, but every year since then I still get a couple of letters from them trying to get me to do the HT procedure at a cheaper price. Me too, I had H2MC procedure from AC, and I am happy with it.

    It's not 100% as natural as the real hair I would want, but it's very believable. It's beyond better looking than a shaved head I used to have with a white bald area in the frontal region. To keep it believable, I got to military cut it (not blading) every 3 days. This might be a downside for those who are not used to this.

    I personally believe that eventually the ink will fade whether you have scars or not (with scar, it will fade faster). So, choosing a company that knows what it does and that uses quality ink is very important as this will take longer time for touchup. I bet in 10years this procedure will be cheaper as more qualified companies will offer this technique. That means I don't have to travel all the way to Florida for a touchup.

    To avoid fast fading, no excessive sun exposure is allowed. Dry the area by dapping instead of rubbing it. Massage the area when there is an itch instead of a normal scratching because more skin peeling means faster fading. This sounds like a direction, but this is what I have been doing. I always bring a hat just in case i need it for going out to the sunlight longer than 15mins.

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    Quote Originally Posted by morrison View Post
    lol, who or what company is going to want to claim them pictures as their own??? 95% of them look atrocious

    Anyone stupid enough to go by what a website or nameless forum poster says about the treatment at Artistryconcepts (or any other company for that matter) needs their head examining. Wake up people, if what they do is so great and they have hundreds of so called satisfied clients, then why are they not willing to put anyone in touch with even one of them??? I don't mean talking to 'someone' who claims to be a 'really happy' client, but actually seeing their work with your own eyes on people who have had the treatment done. And not just done recently, but say clients who also had the procedure done a few years ago.

    Any genuine company with nothing to hide will be falling over itself to put potential clients in touch with past clients. Well that is unless they have something to hide...
    Posted by nolonger-insearchofhairtx:


    I have read all your posts. Your a bitter person, and I know what you are after and your reasons to be here already. But my posts are not for you. So, shut your filthy mouth.

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    Im right there with ya Matrix, I hope this thing becomes available in every state so that these touch ups or enhancements will not be very expensive. Glad to Hear Artistry Concepts worked out well for you man! Despite my prior posts, I believe that the four top providers in US do good work, but just have a different style for finished result (although they'll probably all do whatever the client wants them to for most part). I feel like whether a person went with HIS, NHI, GLI, or AC- it doesnt matter. We all chose the same solution- head tattooing LOL. The providers can slap whatever name they want on it, but the slight differences in their process are pretty insignificant. If someone tells you that one provider is far better than the other three, they are probably selling something Im just not that naive to believe such a thing

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