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    Default Started at Norwood 6, radical treatment, not for everyone...

    First of all *DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS TREATMENT REGIMEN* unless you're certain you are transgender or otherwise intentionally want to grow breasts, feminize the features of your body, chemically neuter yourself and most likely nuke your libido to oblivion.

    Secondly, please reserve your judgements about me for elsewhere, this thread is just purely for the science experiment I'm doing to myself. This is *my* decision... a very personal decision.

    I am transgender.
    Known it all my life but did nothing to transition until now... living my life pretty much like an emotionless robot for decades. I'm a real-life bald version of Commander Data from Star Trek:TNG. I'm also now in my mid 50's, have no sex life, never really had much of that even when I was young and attractive and quite frankly don't give two shits about sex either. I simply want my hair back and my appearance to look youthful again. My skin and face do not look 50's, people tell me I look late 30's-early 40's... except for my baldness. Vanity? You bet your sweet ass I'm in this purely for vanity reasons and I'll be quite blunt about that.

    I also hate wearing a wig so this is what I'm doing as a "Hail Mary" pass to try to regrow my hair, and very early in the game it's showing very promising results.

    I've been on minox 5% and using Nizoral 1% shampoo 3-4 times per week since August 1st.

    On Sept 1st, I began a transgender Male-to-Female hormone replacement therapy consisting of spironolactone 50mg every 12 hours, finasteride 2.5mg every morning and estradiol valerate 2mg every 12 hours. This is in addition to the minox and Nizoral treatments.

    Two weeks later I am happy to report that I am now at NW 5 to 5a status and have a ton of new fine hair growth along my crown and vertex that appears to be small terminal hairs and not merely vellus. Additionally, I have very fine vellus hairs coming in the front all the way to my original hairline I had in my 20's. We'll see if those ever turn terminal over the coming months/years. I can always hope and if not, I have plenty of hair at the back of my scalp as donors for transplantation.

    Side effects? I'm pretty sure I'm sterile at this point already. Not permanently yet, but if I keep this up after 2-3 months it will be irreversible. I'm never going to have any offspring anyway so that is irrelevant to me. For the first week my nuts ached. Now I'm just numb. My libido is zero, zip, zilch, nada. No morningwood at all when I used to wake up practically every morning with a raging hard-on. So guys, if you're not willing to chemically castrate yourself in return for hair, do not even think of going this route. As another poster on another forum site once said. "This is a regimen that takes balls... literally"

    No signs of gyno yet, and for me that's actually a disappointment, but one of the first side effects I did notice, and that I attribute to the estradiol alone, is that after the first two days I suddenly had an unnatural urge to go shopping for shoes

    I am lamenting that I did not try this years ago... but too many reasons were present that would have made MtF transition a very bad idea in my life until now that all those reasons have all but disappeared.

    Edit to Add: Mentally I'm doing great. Unlike most transgender folks, I have my head screwed on straighter that even most cisgender folks I know. I've always been the level-headed, logical type. I'm actually now feeling happy, maybe even giddy, when I get out of bed to start my day... and that's a welcome change.

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    Having just signed up and found your post, whatís your current position?

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