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    Smile Who is the Best Hair Transplant surgeon in Texas

    I would appreciate feedback as an opinion on who is the best Hair Transplant surgeon in Texas?

    How does Dan McGrath stack up against Dr Arocha?

    Which does the best FUE? The best UT results?


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    I would say that since they are both in the IAHRS that they are considered the best of the best. You should probably have consultations with both. Dr. Arocha posts a lot of results on the forum so I can only speak for what Ive seen and they look really good. He uses the ARTAS to do FUE and I think he is one of the few doctors that I see using the really small punches and knows what he’s doing with the robot. It seems that Dr. McGrath does more strip and like I said if he is in the IAHRS he is considered an elite HT surgeon. Best thing to do is meet with them both and see if you can meet with their patients. Do you want FUE or Strip? See what each of them says and start your research that way. If they both have similar recommendations then at least you know there is no bias.

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